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  • Jun
  • 2018
Welcome To The Game Changer In The Legal Industry For Both Lawyers And Clients

Welcome To The Game Changer In The Legal Industry For Both Lawyers And Clients

Lawyers can now use The Legal Industry to cut their overheads and offer lower fees without compromising their profitability.

The Law App is a revolutionary online marketplace where lawyers can build their entire digital profile and create a presence to attract clients.  The legal industry has needed a shake up for a long time. Disruptive technology is the buzz phrase calling innovators to action. The Law App delivers.

With the ability to communicate with clients via built in online video conferencing, live chat and online voice chat, The Law App is the lawyer’s virtual office online.

What does The Legal Industry mean for lawyers?

Lawyers can now build an entire client base at a mere fraction of the cost of having their own website and having a budget for online marketing.  The Law App takes care of that for you.  By cutting your admin and marketing costs and giving you direct access to clients looking for your specific services, you can obtain clients directly without the need for advertising your services.

It is as simple as pitching to clients who are looking for your area of expertise.


How does it work for clients?

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To ensure that there are no barriers to access lawyer’s services, clients can post their legal problems and needs for free!  With no obligation to make payment to The Law App Online – The Legal Industry, clients can rest assured that when they post even confidential information seeking legal help only qualified lawyers in their chosen field will view their legal issue. With the ability for clients to choose a budget or hourly rate, and specific field of expertise, the client will target the lawyer they want, at a price they can afford.


The Law App does all the linking between lawyer and client automatically using complex technology.

The Law App is direct marketing for lawyers and a precise service provider for clients at its best!

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