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How To Find a Lawyer That “Wants Your Business”

How To Find a Lawyer That “Wants Your Business”

One major advantage about finding a lawyer that actually wants your business is they’ll more likely be willing to negotiate a better deal to get your business, as compared to a lawyer who is already overrun with clients and can charge at will.

There are a lot of law firms throughout Australia and not every one of them is going to be snowed under with business all of the time, so finding one that has both some free time and needs a few new clients on their books is to your benefit.

With The Law App you’ll likely be able to negotiate a much better price for their services, the lawyer will also have more time to devote to your case and will likely approach your particular issue with a far more focused mindset.

Find a Lawyer that suits you.

So how do you find one of these lawyers who is really itching for your business?

Well, you could ask around and see if anyone within your circle knows of a law firm needing the business. Or you could go door to door or call around, but then how will you really know if those law firms need clients?

Likely you wouldn’t and the process would just prove to be really time-consuming.

There is a far better alternative that almost guarantees an entire list of lawyers looking for your business and who will be willing to help you out at reduced rates.

Introducing “The Law App

This is an awesome new app that can either be used on a smartphone or accessed via a computer or tablet. Essentially it’s a freelancing site for lawyers and is free to join for clients.

How it works is you make a job listing on the site stating your case and what kind of legal services and advice you require. You can even include your budget for the requested service.

Now that your job listing is out there, law firms who have joined the platform will then contact you and submit both a proposal and a bid to try and secure your business. One major advantage regarding the bidding is you’ll almost certainly acquire their expert services for far cheaper than if you were dealing with a lawyer through more conventional means.

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This app is totally revolutionising the way lawyers and their clients connect in the 21st century. Check it out and you’ll soon see it’s the perfect solution for those on a budget.