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  • 2018
New Tech in the Legal Industry When You Need a lawyers

New Tech in the Legal Industry When You Need a lawyers

New Tech in the legal industry – Why you need this when you need a Lawyer

If you really Need a lawyer then first thing is to keep in mind- The legal landscape is changing in Australia.

A new on line marketplace called “The Law App” has just arrived.

How To Find a Lawyer On a BudgetThe Law App is an innovative new platform to put, you the people, in front of experienced, talented, and tech savvy lawyers who want to tackle your legal problem head on.

How it Works when you need a Lawyers?

The Law App is a complete online environment allowing people who need lawyers to set their budget and have lawyers come to them proposing how they can best service your legal problem at a price you can afford.

The Law App is a new way for you to get help fast with your legal problem.  All you need to do is sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT and post your problem.  Once you have outlined the work you need done and defined the type, budget and location of the lawyer you want The Law App does the rest.

Lawyer matching your needs are contacted directly to advise of your problem and budget and they are ready to respond with a pitch to let you know how best they can help you with your legal problem.

They come to you.

The days of contacting lawyers and seeing if you can afford their services are gone.  The lawyers are online and waiting for you.  The lawyers compete with other lawyers to give you the best deal.

There is no need to worry about the lawyer you choose.  Here’s why.

  • The Law App verifies that all lawyers who offer their services in the online marketplace are REAL lawyers who hold all the appropriate practicing certificates and accreditation they say they do. As lawyers ourselves we know how to verify with the State and Territory Law Societies how to make sure you are dealing with lawyers who can do the work for you and that they can work in the jurisdiction you need whether it be local, State or Federal.  We have lawyers who can help you in any Court or Tribunal and we guarantee they can.
  • A guaranteed, no obligation, free appointment (in person, by telephone or over online video such as Skype or via our online video link) with your chosen lawyer makes sure you are happy to proceed and your funds are secure until you authorize your lawyer to start working on your matter. Security of your funds is assured.  No one gets paid until you say so.

Once you are happy with the price, happy with the lawyer and happy to get underway you can be assured you have chosen the right lawyer for the job.  But there is something else you should know about lawyers that many people overlook.  Lawyers can’t take your money unless they have done the job you have agreed with them to do.  There are authorities that rule over lawyer’s conduct and use of client monies that make sure they do the right thing or there are serious consequences for lawyers.

State or Territory Law Societies can sanction lawyers if they don’t do the right thing, as can the Legal Service Commissions of your State or Territory.

Rest assured that you will have a competent and experienced lawyer working for you and should they not meet their legal obligations you are protected.