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How early moving lawyers will take the lead in 2022

How early moving lawyers will take the lead in 2022

young lawyersThe Law App!  This is how early moving young lawyers can take advantage of the unique lawyer/client marketplace to bring in new paying client’s to their firm or to their new practice.

The Law App is a revolutionary new marketplace for lawyers to sign up to join and have access to paying client’s who have already listed matters seeking lawyers.

The good news is we have just launched

This means that if you sign up now for your new lawyer’s account you will be one of the first lawyers in your location and field to service the client’s who have already seen the value of using The Law App and have matters listed right now.  You will have the first bite of the cherry.

This also means you will be able to bring in new clients to your firm or practice (or even start your own practice if you are newly admitted) at a time of year where obtaining new clients is often difficult.

At The Law App, the clients are already there, all you have to do is make contact with them via chat messaging, voice or video through the site to let them know you can service their matter and how best to move forward.  Obtaining clients is so easy.

Now is the time to act to take advantage of our start-up offer of only $1 for the first two months.  After that, the cost is only $49 per month to get in front of clients seeking services of lawyers in your field.

What would you pay to get new leads through conventional marketing to get many leads per month?  Probably a lot more, and the clients may or may not come.  At The Law App, we bring the clients to you!

The Law App matches clients with your areas of expertise and notifies you by email when matters in your field become available.  You can also log in to your account with your customized dashboard to search for matters if want to be pro-active and get in early to contact new clients.

Come and check out the new, easy and very cost-effective way for lawyers to obtain clients at TLA

We look forward to building your business with you!

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